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The Importance of Seeing Your Dentist Before School Starts

As your kid heads off to start a new school year don't forget to schedule their dental checkup alongside their routine physical, hearing and vision tests. These healthcare appointments are critical to ensuring your kid is in good health before the first school bell rings.

Taking your child to the dentist before the start of school will teach them the importance of regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene practices.

Keep Serious Tooth Decay Away

Serious tooth decay is an infectious disease that is entirely preventable. Help your little one prevent it by eating well, brushing and flossing regularly and by seeing your dentist every six months. If you ignore developing tooth decay, it can lead to a serious infection and pain impacting a child's ability to sleep, eat, speak and concentrate. Kids with chronic tooth decay often appear anxious, tired  or sick and may result in missed time from school.  

Regular Dental Checkups Provide Key Benefits

Regular checkups and preventative dental care such as cleanings and fluoride treatment give your child the protection they need against tooth decay and gum disease. When your kid sees their paediatric dentist regularly, any problems present can be discovered early on and treated before they turn into bigger problems that are not so easily solved.

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